Prof McGettigan currently holds a Research Leadership Award from The Leverhulme Trust. This 5-year award valuing £961K supports a programme of research entitled "SONOVOX: The Social Neuroscience of Voices". This work will address a range of topics including voice identity representation and learning, vocal flexibility and control, voice ownership, and the neural underpinnings of spoken interactions.

Below you can see the overall research plan for the project, divided into 2 main Research Strands and a number of sub-projects (A1, A2, etc.). Techniques will include behavioural testing, acoustic analysis, EEG, fMRI and nociceptive stimulation.

Although this is a research programme centred around the human voice, it will address issues as broad as person perception, social reward processing, perception of self vs. other, and the dynamics of spoken conversation. Thus, inquiries are welcome from researchers across cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience and allied disciplines.

Job Openings 

I plan to recruit up to 2 postdoctoral researchers in 2019: click here for more information and to apply. For the avoidance of doubt: positions are open to applicants from the EU and across the globe, as well as from the UK.


Details on the research programme:

It is currently planned that each of the 2 news post-docs will be responsible for separate work packages, primarily within sub-projects A2 and A/B3 - namely, the investigation of the rewarding value of voices and the neural bases of spoken interactions. However, if any of the proposed themes and sub-projects depicted above interests you, then do get in touch.  A fuller description of the proposed research is available by request (

Research Environment

The lab is situated in the UCL Department of Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences (UCL SHaPS), right in the centre of London's Bloomsbury neighbourhood and close to King's Cross and Russell Square stations. UCL SHaPs is a centre of excellence for speech research, with state-of-the-art facilities including an anechoic recording chamber, soundproof testing booths, multiple EEG labs, TMS and fNIRS. We are part of the broader Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PALS), which includes a wide range of research departments such as UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, and Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. Our divisional context means we can carry out our fMRI research at BUCNI (Birkbeck-UCL Centre for NeuroImaging) located at UCL Psychology. Furthermore, postdoctoral researchers in the VoCoLab at UCL can enjoy access to numerous research seminars and interest groups across the division, forge collaborations within and outside the department, and gain experience in BSc/MSc student supervision.

Leverhulme-funded postdocs for 2019

Postdoctoral Fellowships

If you are interested in applying for a postdoctoral fellowship (e.g.ESRC, Marie Curie, British Academy, Leverhulme Early Career) and are looking for a host institution and mentor, then please get in touch with some information about the target scheme and timeline, as well as a brief outline for a research proposal.

Carolyn is able to host students from other institutions for short research visits or placements. If you are interested in such an opportunity then please do get in touch with your CV, details of the placement required (duration, skills development needs etc) and a brief research proposal.

Visiting students and researchers

Supervision of PhD students is possible subject to funding. Where fully-funded places are not already available, the student may have to compete for funding at UCL, or seek financial support from elsewhere.

If you are interested in completing a PhD in the lab, please email Carolyn with your CV, estimated start date and a brief research proposal.

PhD Studentships

Placement opportunities for UCL students

Undergraduate and MSc students at UCL may wish to participate in a research placement during their studies. Please get in touch with Carolyn, including an up-to-date CV and a statement of your research interests.