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Media coverage of our work...

A selection of media clips and news coverage of research from our lab members

Hello: it's real-time MRI
For some fun in the run up to the Department of Psychology Christmas Pantomime at Royal Holloway, we made a short film of real-time lip syncing to Adele's "Hello". Thanks to Nadine Lavan for being the star in the scanner!
Sensation, Perception and #TheDress
Carolyn was recently interviews on BBC Newsnight about the differences between sensation and perception in the experience of colour.
The neural correlates of laughter perception

Our recent paper on the perception of authentic and acted laughter attracted media attention in May, around the time of the International Day of Laughter. Take a look at the images to the right for stories and interviews on the work.

Investigating Impressions 

Carolyn's work on vocal impressions was covered in the media. Click on the images for the original articles. 

Sounds Scientific

A radio show on the biology of beatboxing, by Andy Mehigan (Imperial College)​​, featuring an interview with Carolyn

Royal Society 2012

An interview with Carolyn about functional imaging, by the Royal Society as part of the Summer Science Exhibition 2012

Beatboxing on the Brain

A number of media outlets picked up on Carolyn's work with the beatboxer, Reeps One. Click on the images for the original articles.

RHUL Science Podcast

Carolyn spoke to Laura Udakis about her interest in the human voice. Click on the RHUL logo to listen.

Resonance FM

An radio show hosted by poet James Wilkes in advance of The Voice Symposium at the Science Museum Dana Centre in November 2012.

Brains on Film

This is Carolyn's home-made video about her work with Reeps One, which she entered into the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience film contest in 2011.

Events and venues where we've done science:

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