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Lab Director

Professor Carolyn McGettigan

I was born and schooled in Derry, N Ireland. I completed a BA in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, followed by a PhD in Human Communication Science at UCL. My research is concerned with understanding the behavioural and neural processes involved in vocal communication. I set up the VoCoLab at Royal Holloway in 2012, and in September 2018 we relocated to UCL Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences. You can read about my research here, and find a list of publications here.

Aside from research, my greatest passions are cycling, baked goods and the Eurovision Song Contest.​ I also play violin with the North London Symphony Orchestra.

Postdoctoral Researchers


Dr Victor Rosi

My research interest lies in the essential aspects that shape the identity of the human voice. At VocoLab, I will employ acoustic analysis and signal processing techniques coupled with statistical modelling and machine learning methods to unravel the multiple processes underlying the perception and production of vocal identity, including social traits, geographic origins, and gender. In the future, my main focus will be to explore the acoustic dimensions that contribute to gender diversity as expressed through speech, with the aspiration of developing a voice coaching tool for trans and non-binary people. Furthermore, I am engaged in studying the conceptual link between musical timbre and other sensory modalities. 

Alongside my academic activities, you can find me playing with orchestras as a trumpet player or hiking in mountains.

PhD Students

Ziyun Zhang.jpg
Ziyun Zhang
I am interested in examining how communication in virtual meetings affects spoken interactions, particularly in situations with poor connection. I will explore various aspects, including the exchange of linguistic signals, the appraisal of social and affective information (such as personalities), and interpersonal neural synchronization. I utilize both behavioral and neuroimaging method (fNIRS).
Outside of my academic research, I also have a passion for street photography and enjoy capturing moments with my FujiFilm camera. Additionally, I have an interest in interior design and enjoy watching videos related to this field.

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Dr Abbie Bradshaw (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Michel Belyk (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Elise Kanber (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Clare Lally (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Nadine Lavan (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Sarah Knight (former postdoc on the Leverhulme Trust SONOVOX project)
Dr Dan Carey (former postdoc on the ESRC Vocal Learning project) 
Dr Sheena Waters (former postdoc, ESRC Vocal Learning)

PhD Students
Dr Stella Guldner (former PhD student, U Mannheim)
Dr Bryony Payne (former PhD student, UCL)
Dr Elise Kanber (form PhD student, UCL)
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